Thursday, July 1, 2010

P is for Parlier!

From the moment I was destined to become a Parlier, I have been obsessed with the letter P! Anyone that was at our wedding would tell you the same. Perhaps it’s a phase, and will wear off with time, but until then, I am fascinated with all things "P"!  From entry mats, coasters, cocktail napkins, bath towels, hand towels, and even a large moss “P” in our entryway, as Tim’s mom once said, I’m P’ing all over the place! Most of these items were left over from the wedding, like the tissues and matchbooks with “P” on them, but a few of them have been great gifts from friends. It’s been fun to embrace my new name and be Proud to be a Parlier! Afterall, it took so much time and effort to make the change right!?

Some of my favorite P Things:

Wax Seal from Paper-Source from Merilee
Coasters from BBB from the Hazz Fam
Notecards from Disney from Mike
Monogram Doormat from BBB from Kelly and Stephanie

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