Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bon Voyage!

If you need me in the next 12 days....
Takings tons of pictures and making lots of memories!!! CIAO!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

I cannot believe a year ago today I woke in Las Vegas with expectations of laying by the pool all day, but little did I know, I would be whisked off to the Grand Canyon via helicopter only to return an engaged woman! Although our wedding day was the pinnacle of emotions as we united as husband and wife, July 19, 2009 was by far the most thrilling as it was unexpected and with the simple answer to a loaded question, “I” became a “We” for the first time. If you want to know the full story through Tim’s eyes, check it out HERE.

Otherwise, here is the video and a few pics of how it all went down 07.19.09.

On our way to the Grand Canyon in the Hellicopter!

Picture right before he popped the question!
Our first Picture as an engaged couple!
Engagement night Dinner

Friday, July 16, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Told You.....

Most young ladies dream of marrying a celebrity hunk, but we all know those are exactly that, dreams. What’s the next best thing to a smoking hot celeb? A celebrity look alike! Time and time again, my husband is asked the infamous question, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like…..MARK WAHLBERG?!” 
       Tim’s usual response is a shy smile and “Yea, thank you,” but I see the flattery and ego boost written all over his face! But I don’t blame him, what guy wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a heartthrob like Marky Mark! 
I’m convinced that if it weren’t for Tim towering at 6’3 when Mark is only 5’7, he could get away with saying he is the movie star. Especially while wearing a beanie with a pensive look on his face. ;)
I have one our engagement pictures on my desk, and a co worker saw it and chuckled. 
Come to find out, she thought I had superimposed myself with a picture of Mark Wahlberg! I found that funny, but equally flattering seeing that I married the guy. To me, he is just Timmy, and that’s how I see him…until yet another stranger approaches us inquiring the truth. But from the girls in China to the locals in St. Lucia he looks like Mark Wahlberg. I’m curios to see what the Italians will think next week. :)

1st Quarter Results are In!

Today is our THREE month Anniversary!!! Although insignificant in years to come, it marks the end of the first quarter of FOREVER…..and so far, the future forecast looks promising.

Tim is taking me to Europe to Celebrate ;) HA!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so happy and relieved to say that our Wedding Thank You cards are finally in the mail. If you had asked me on my wedding day when my thank you cards would be done, I would have told you the week we get back from St. Lucia! Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Tim had the grandiose idea to let our wedding gifts trickle in pre and post wedding, then pick a night to sit down and open them up. It would be like Christmas!! Although fun and exciting, the end result was lots paper, boxes, and packing popcorn everywhere and absolute chaos from an organizational standpoint. At the time, we were still shackin’ up at Tim’s house with his roommates. There really wasn’t a place to put our new treasures, so they ended up in the corner, unwrapped, but not opened! We thought we were moving in 3 weeks, which turned into 4 weeks, which ended up being almost 5 weeks! I was living partially out of my storage unit, gym bag and Tim’s room. Needless to say, I was slightly disoriented. I had high hopes of creating a spreadsheet and busting these thank you cards out in a weekend. After all, everyone had been SO GENEROUS and traveled so far to be a part of our special day. I didn’t want that to go unnoticed. Our appreciation couldn’t be put into words, but a thank you card is great place to start! After going back in forth, waiting for our wedding pics to make the cards, I finally couldn’t wait another day, so sticking with my DIY wedding style, I MADE THEM!
It was my first time back at Paper Source since the wedding and I never knew I could miss stationary so much! I had all these great plans to duplicate my wedding invites and save the dates, but reality kicked in, and despite my inner OCD perfectionist, I went with something simple and easy. So here we are a month later, finally sending them in the mail. Even though Emily Post says you have three months, I wish we could have sent them in a timelier manner. My favorite part about the cards was reliving so many moments and being so grateful for everyone that made our wedding so amazing. Again, thank you for everything each of you has done for us! We love you!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

A week from today Tim and I leave for our Euro-trip! We both couldn’t be more excited to just get away from everyday life and spend time together. Although we won’t be alone for most of our trip, we will have a few days in the beginning that I am really looking forward to. This will be our 2nd time traveling out of the country as a married couple, but this time I am officially a Parlier! We’ve obviously traveled together before, and have actually been to Rome, Italy 4 years ago, but this time it will be different, because I’m his Wifey! From checking into the hotel, to meeting new people, to calling to confirm our reservations, it’s so fun to say, “Mrs. Parlier,” or even better, “I’m Tim’s Wife!” I am so proud of my husband and I am honored to be by his side at such an event. We are the first of this group of friends to get hitched, and although I have been around them for over 5 years, it feels more “official” that we are married now. I’m not longer Cargo, Tim’s Girlfriend or Fiancé, I’m the wifey that is going be around Forrrevvveerrrr. Muaaaahhaahaahaaa (evil laugh). Or as Puljiz calls me, Pargo. I’ll take the endearment any way I can get it because going from a Cargo to a Parlier hasn’t been easy, but it’s times likes these, that make the last 4 ½ years worth earning the title as “wife."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi, My name is Allison and I am addicted to.....

…to Coca-Cola. Of course not full calorie Coke, because the days of drinking my calories are long over, but specifically Diet Coke and Coke Zero. I have Robin D’Anza, a college roommate and bridesmaid of mine, to thank for my recent addiction to Coke Zero. She left a 2 liter bottle at my house last fall, and needless to say, the rest is history. Lucky for our fridge, Tim is not much of a soda drinker. He is however addicted (my diagnosis, not his) to his morning cereal and coffee. Sorry to throw you under the breakfast bus honey, but I have never seen anyone insist on eating “the most important meal of the day” like he does! For Tim, breakfast is a must, and coffee is a close second. Personally, if I don’t have to be anywhere, I don’t think about either of them until my stomach growls or I feel groggy. Tim refuses to start his day without these two essentials. But then again, I am reaching a peak addiction to soda as well, so who am I to judge!

Sadly most of us are addicted to something. Research has shown that TV addiction in the US fits all the criteria of a substance abuse problem! The average household watches 8 hours a TV A DAY! How that's possible, I have no idea, but sadly, I believe it. Fortunately for us, Tim and I aren’t huge television fanatics. Although, I am recently obsessed with the Bachelorrette, and Tim is a self proclaimed Sports (specifically football) Junkie.
Needless to say, silly addictions and obsessions are what make us unique I suppose! I’m not only addicted to Diet Coke, Coke Zero and all things bubbly, but I am also secretly obsessed with anything sweet and chocolately, cleaning my house, BlackBerry messenger  with Joce and Ash and more recently, blogging. WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO!?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

As you know, I am attempting to document our life as newlyweds, in particular my developing role as a wife! Well, I certainly wouldn’t be a wife, without a husband, so once again, Lifey as a Wifey Wednesday will be about my awesome husband Tim…aka DJ Parliyay.  
I have emails spanning back to 2006 when Tim and I first started our courtship where he mentioned his passion and interest in electronic music. Being somewhat of a deep house enthusiast myself, it was something we bonded over and shared an interest. Over the years, Tim’s love for music became more serious and developed into a true hobby. I must admit there was a point where I didn’t take his passion seriously, but he quickly proved me wrong. When it came down to buying Tim a wedding gift, I wanted it to be more than a piece of jewelry or just something fancy and overrated. I thought about who he is as a person, the dreams that he has and the passions that made him into the man I love. With my creative juices flowing at an all time high during wedding preparations, I decided on a gift that although didn’t seem very sentimental, has turned out to be the ultimate dream catcher; a MAC book Pro. I truly feel that I didn’t just give Tim a computer, but I enabled his dreams to focus on a passion of his. Although at times I feel like I’m competing with computer for attention, I know deep down that nothing makes him happier than to listen, create and now share his music with tons of people. Check out his site at Clearly, I am his #1 Fan!

Friday, July 2, 2010

!Europa qui veniamo!

In just two and a half weeks from now, Tim and I will be jet setting off to Europe for Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding! Taking two huge vacations within 4 months isn’t our typical forte, but it sure is thrilling! All the recent excitement of getting married, going on a great honeymoon, and then moving to our new place, posed a question as to how “big” we wanted to go on this Euro-trip. Should we try to save money and just go for the wedding, or make the best of the overpriced flight we were bound to purchase and stay a while? After much thought, we decided to take the famous words of the Groom and “GO BIG or GO HOME.” Life is too short, and the flight is too long to let an opportunity to see the world slip through your pocket book!
We chose to start off our 12 day trip in Dublin, Ireland where we both have ancestral roots. We are so excited to see this part of Europe as neither of us has been there. I am imagining green countryside, Old castles, and of course BEER!!! Both the Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery are located in Ireland’s capital, and although we aren’t big whiskey drinkers, we are really looking forward to a fresh brewed Guinness. After two nights in Dublin, the real adventure begins as we jet off to Milan, Italy to then separate! Tim will be heading to the beautiful beach city of Riccione, Italy to partake in Mike’s bachelor party, while I head over to Venice, Italy for a fun girls weekend with three friends! I have never been to Venice, so I am thrilled to have a few days to leisurely soak up the experience of “The City of Water.”
After my girly romantic rendezvous in Venice, it will be time to start heading down to Florence for the wedding festivities! This location is so appropriate as it’s the last name of the groom and soon to be Mrs. (Firenze)!  
The next four nights will be spent celebrating the union of our close friends as they welcome us as their guests to this amazing city! From the welcoming rooftop soirée, wine tasting in Tuscany, and the much anticipated nuptials at Castello di Vincigliata, this wedding will truly be out of this world. Going to Europe is an experience in itself, but being there with some of your closest friends, is looking to be an experience of a lifetime.
We are overjoyed at the opportunity to be involved in their special day and look forward to all the memories our European escapade is destined to offer us!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

P is for Parlier!

From the moment I was destined to become a Parlier, I have been obsessed with the letter P! Anyone that was at our wedding would tell you the same. Perhaps it’s a phase, and will wear off with time, but until then, I am fascinated with all things "P"!  From entry mats, coasters, cocktail napkins, bath towels, hand towels, and even a large moss “P” in our entryway, as Tim’s mom once said, I’m P’ing all over the place! Most of these items were left over from the wedding, like the tissues and matchbooks with “P” on them, but a few of them have been great gifts from friends. It’s been fun to embrace my new name and be Proud to be a Parlier! Afterall, it took so much time and effort to make the change right!?

Some of my favorite P Things:

Wax Seal from Paper-Source from Merilee
Coasters from BBB from the Hazz Fam
Notecards from Disney from Mike
Monogram Doormat from BBB from Kelly and Stephanie