Friday, July 16, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Told You.....

Most young ladies dream of marrying a celebrity hunk, but we all know those are exactly that, dreams. What’s the next best thing to a smoking hot celeb? A celebrity look alike! Time and time again, my husband is asked the infamous question, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like…..MARK WAHLBERG?!” 
       Tim’s usual response is a shy smile and “Yea, thank you,” but I see the flattery and ego boost written all over his face! But I don’t blame him, what guy wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a heartthrob like Marky Mark! 
I’m convinced that if it weren’t for Tim towering at 6’3 when Mark is only 5’7, he could get away with saying he is the movie star. Especially while wearing a beanie with a pensive look on his face. ;)
I have one our engagement pictures on my desk, and a co worker saw it and chuckled. 
Come to find out, she thought I had superimposed myself with a picture of Mark Wahlberg! I found that funny, but equally flattering seeing that I married the guy. To me, he is just Timmy, and that’s how I see him…until yet another stranger approaches us inquiring the truth. But from the girls in China to the locals in St. Lucia he looks like Mark Wahlberg. I’m curios to see what the Italians will think next week. :)

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