Although Tim and I both have a serious sweet tooth, life as a married couple hasn’t always been a bowl of red maraschino cherries, but rather a box of bittersweet dark chocolates-You really never know what to expect! Its been just over 2 months since we took our vows to be husband and wife, and with a honeymoon in the Caribbean, moving two households into one (twice!), planning our trip to Europe next month, and teaching Tim to put the toilet seat down, these past 8 weeks have been fascinating, but AWESOME! We all use the expression of, “Starting a new chapter in life,” but I’ve never experienced it quite like this before. It’s taken us a little longer than expected, but Tim and I have finally settled into a new life together, made a home in our new place blocks from the beach, and are better, stronger and more in love than the day we got married. Every night we pray, thanking God for the wonderful life He has given us. We have the blessings of a beautiful place to finally call home, a family that loves us dearly, and friends that stretch from San Diego across the globe! So Far, Forever , as a Parlier, ROCKS! I hope Cargo2Parlier gives you the Cliff notes version of our leap into this exciting “new chapter” of our love story.