Friday, July 2, 2010

!Europa qui veniamo!

In just two and a half weeks from now, Tim and I will be jet setting off to Europe for Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding! Taking two huge vacations within 4 months isn’t our typical forte, but it sure is thrilling! All the recent excitement of getting married, going on a great honeymoon, and then moving to our new place, posed a question as to how “big” we wanted to go on this Euro-trip. Should we try to save money and just go for the wedding, or make the best of the overpriced flight we were bound to purchase and stay a while? After much thought, we decided to take the famous words of the Groom and “GO BIG or GO HOME.” Life is too short, and the flight is too long to let an opportunity to see the world slip through your pocket book!
We chose to start off our 12 day trip in Dublin, Ireland where we both have ancestral roots. We are so excited to see this part of Europe as neither of us has been there. I am imagining green countryside, Old castles, and of course BEER!!! Both the Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery are located in Ireland’s capital, and although we aren’t big whiskey drinkers, we are really looking forward to a fresh brewed Guinness. After two nights in Dublin, the real adventure begins as we jet off to Milan, Italy to then separate! Tim will be heading to the beautiful beach city of Riccione, Italy to partake in Mike’s bachelor party, while I head over to Venice, Italy for a fun girls weekend with three friends! I have never been to Venice, so I am thrilled to have a few days to leisurely soak up the experience of “The City of Water.”
After my girly romantic rendezvous in Venice, it will be time to start heading down to Florence for the wedding festivities! This location is so appropriate as it’s the last name of the groom and soon to be Mrs. (Firenze)!  
The next four nights will be spent celebrating the union of our close friends as they welcome us as their guests to this amazing city! From the welcoming rooftop soirée, wine tasting in Tuscany, and the much anticipated nuptials at Castello di Vincigliata, this wedding will truly be out of this world. Going to Europe is an experience in itself, but being there with some of your closest friends, is looking to be an experience of a lifetime.
We are overjoyed at the opportunity to be involved in their special day and look forward to all the memories our European escapade is destined to offer us!

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