Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

A week from today Tim and I leave for our Euro-trip! We both couldn’t be more excited to just get away from everyday life and spend time together. Although we won’t be alone for most of our trip, we will have a few days in the beginning that I am really looking forward to. This will be our 2nd time traveling out of the country as a married couple, but this time I am officially a Parlier! We’ve obviously traveled together before, and have actually been to Rome, Italy 4 years ago, but this time it will be different, because I’m his Wifey! From checking into the hotel, to meeting new people, to calling to confirm our reservations, it’s so fun to say, “Mrs. Parlier,” or even better, “I’m Tim’s Wife!” I am so proud of my husband and I am honored to be by his side at such an event. We are the first of this group of friends to get hitched, and although I have been around them for over 5 years, it feels more “official” that we are married now. I’m not longer Cargo, Tim’s Girlfriend or FiancĂ©, I’m the wifey that is going be around Forrrevvveerrrr. Muaaaahhaahaahaaa (evil laugh). Or as Puljiz calls me, Pargo. I’ll take the endearment any way I can get it because going from a Cargo to a Parlier hasn’t been easy, but it’s times likes these, that make the last 4 ½ years worth earning the title as “wife."

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