Monday, June 21, 2010

Ms. to Mrs.

Getting engaged=THRILLING
Planning a wedding=STRESSFUL, but Fun and SOOO worth it!
Wedding=AMAZING! Forever together began ;)
Honeymoon= UNREAL
Ms. Cargo to Mrs. Parlier =NO one told me it took so much time, effort and $$!

The wedding is over, we are all moved in, and we are heading to Europe in less than two months. To change my name legally before then or not, WAS the question at hand. After living a double life as Ms. Cargo and Mrs. Parlier for a few weeks, I decided to take the final plunge with the name change. There was so questioning whether I was going to be a Parlier, I just didn’t know WHEN I would make the switcha-roo. It wasn’t until I unsuccessfully tried to cash a check made out to Allison Parlier at the bank did I realize that my double agent life was beginning to be an inconvenience! Other than a white hoody that said, “Mrs. Parlier Est. 4.16.10” (which btw, the bank does not accept as a valid form of name change) I didn’t have any legal documents proving my union to Tim or my rights as a Parlier! My only hesitation for starting the process now was being stopped by the Italian Government while at Mike and Stephanie’s Wedding because my passport said Cargo, but my ticket said Parlier. Uggh…what I nightmare! After a little research, I took the chance it would be done in time.
First things first, where is our marriage license!? Come to find out, that unless you pay ahead of time, you have to physically go and request a copy (or notarize request my mail). I fill out my paper work, get to the front of the line, and the lady behind the desk at the County Recorder looks at my form, pulls our records up on the computer, and says, are you sure this is the date? I asked her what date are you referring? She says, your wedding date. I looked at the form and saw April 16th, and said, “Yep that’s it!” She said, “ARE YOU SUURREEE??” I said “YESSSSS”…..I wanted to say, “Look lady, just shy of tattooing that date on my body, I know that’s my wedding date ok!?!” She said, “Well that doesn’t match the system.” She shows me a copy of our marriage license and our Pastor had written in April 15th! After confirming it doesn’t really mean anything, and it can be changed, I said, Ok, give me 3 copies and I was on my way. Next up was Social Security, which luckily didn’t take long at all. Thankfully, I actually planned ahead and made a DMV appointment the week we got back from our honeymoon, so I had a week for my SS Card to come before I headed over to that nightmare of a government institution.  Luckily, my SS card came in a timely manner and I cruised into the DMV with my appointment like I was on Easy Street. All I have to say is, by the Grace of God I brushed and curled my hair that day, because yes, they make you take a new picture!
Next up on the list was my passport. This was the easiest, but most expensive of them all. All they need is a new photo, (this time I prepped for it and it came out great! Yess!), a copy of the marriage license, your old passport, and the application for name change-all sent via snail mail.
And now, I play the waiting game…..and pray my passport comes in less than 5 weeks before we leave for our trip. So 8 weeks later, I am now officially a Parlier, but I have a feeling I will be chasing Ms. Cargo out of my life for years to come ;)
Marriage license copies $42
DMV Name Change $25
Passport Name change $75
Passport Pics $7
Becoming Mrs. Parlier PRICELESS!

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  1. Congrats Mrs. Parlier!! And i know what you mean!! One would think that all is said and done when the preacher proclaims, "I now pronounce you man and wife." But little does a Bride realize that there is still so much that needs to be done to make it official!