Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

As you know, I am attempting to document our life as newlyweds, in particular my developing role as a wife! Well, I certainly wouldn’t be a wife, without a husband, so once again, Lifey as a Wifey Wednesday will be about my awesome husband Tim…aka DJ Parliyay.  
I have emails spanning back to 2006 when Tim and I first started our courtship where he mentioned his passion and interest in electronic music. Being somewhat of a deep house enthusiast myself, it was something we bonded over and shared an interest. Over the years, Tim’s love for music became more serious and developed into a true hobby. I must admit there was a point where I didn’t take his passion seriously, but he quickly proved me wrong. When it came down to buying Tim a wedding gift, I wanted it to be more than a piece of jewelry or just something fancy and overrated. I thought about who he is as a person, the dreams that he has and the passions that made him into the man I love. With my creative juices flowing at an all time high during wedding preparations, I decided on a gift that although didn’t seem very sentimental, has turned out to be the ultimate dream catcher; a MAC book Pro. I truly feel that I didn’t just give Tim a computer, but I enabled his dreams to focus on a passion of his. Although at times I feel like I’m competing with computer for attention, I know deep down that nothing makes him happier than to listen, create and now share his music with tons of people. Check out his site at Clearly, I am his #1 Fan!

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