Thursday, September 23, 2010

She Popped the Question and I said YES!

Last night I came home to an exciting, fun, and yummy package from my beautiful friend Rhiannon! It was scrumcious on so many levels, as she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year with a fabulous handmade card and adorable COOKIES!!! I'm happy to say the cookies were so delicious they were missing in action (in my mouth) from the picture.  I was totally surprised by this thoughtful gesture, as I have been dying to be a bridesmaid since having been a Bride this past Spring.  Especially for Rhiannon as she was so wonderfully supportive for me as a bridesmaid herself. Rhiannon and I "met" at a wedding, so naturally our friendship flourished over our obsession for ALL things "Wedding!" Wedding Watch 2010 is what we call our 2nd day jobs scouring the world wide web for the Do's and Don'ts, and the Must-Haves for each Wedding Season. Rhiannon, I am thrilled to be a helping hand while you plan your commencement of "Forever Together" with Matt.  
Wedding Watch 2011: Destination Hawaii! YIPPEEE!!!
Rhiannon at work. :)  She is the best! haha
YOU'RE NEXT! So exciting! :)



  1. How fun!! I think by the time my wedding came around and being in all of my girlfriends weddings, I was ready to give up the bridemaids (2 being the MOHO) duties and retire as a Bride...however, I've been the go-to person for all things wedding for upcoming friends and I still can't get enough!! I hope you girls have sooo much fun!!

  2. Soo Fun! What a cute idea. =) I have a feeling this wedding is going to be over the top ...with all of your guys' creativity and gathered tips from WW2010.

  3. I got my package last week and was soo excited! I ate the cookies in bed on saturday morning =) Excited to be bridesmaids together! I love the pic of Rhiannon fixing your dress. . . ha ha