Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Houses + 1 Dinner = YUM!

It was such a blessing when a couple we met from our premarital class at church, Katy & Preston, were not only super cool, but gave us a heads up when a vacancy arose in their highly sought after community! We now live in a five unit complex, consisting of two duplex beach cottages and a main house, also known as, THE COLONY. All of us are twenty-somethings, and 4 out of the 5 units are young married couples, which makes it that much more fun! To further the fun and unity, two weeks ago we decided to do a Progressive Dinner. A progressive dinner is when you split up the courses of a meal and each location hosts a different one. In the end, you “progressively” dine your way through a full spread! Which in our case, was a delicious five courses with a California fresh cuisine spin!
Since all the houses are in a line, we kept it simple and started in the front and made our way to the back. Now on to the yummy eats, which by the way, were a surprise at each place! I took a few pics, but I havent been able to upload them yet, so sorry for the fabricated illustrations!
Carrie & Collin-Appetizers and Drinks!
Cream cheese stuffed figs, Pears wrapped in bruschetta and cheese, and homemade guac & chips accompanied by beer, wine, and strawberry lemonade! A delicious start to our evening!
Tim & Allison-Salad!
Gorgonzola, Pecan and Pear Salad with homemade mustard vinaigrette dressing. ( I even roasted and caramelized the pecans!) Served with sparkling lemonade (in fancy little glasses of course!).
Alyssa and Rachel- Side Dish!
Bowtie Pasta with green beans, tomatoes, and avocado. They also set out a cocktail bar with fun mixers and such.
Katie and Preston-Main Dish!
BBQ’d Ribs, homemade Ice Tea and Lemonade…and Napkins! (Which were actually homemade too!) I usually don’t eat ribs, but these were delish! It was such a nice night, we sat on their patio on these awesome benches they made for their wedding and ate under these fabulous party lights. Their side yard is so great! Then us ladies demanded we go into their house and watch their wedding video. Surprisingly, all 10 of us crowded around and laughed, cried, and almost watched it a 2nd time! K+P=Love. So Cute!
And for the Grand Finale…….
Haley and Steven-DESSERTT!!!!
Homemade Pear and Cinnamon Pie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream! We also sat on their side yard around the fire pit and ate while sipping on coffee and telling funny stories. DELISH x 10!
As you can imagine, we were all stuffed to the brim as we waddled back to our houses and rolled into bed. We had such a blast, that we want to do it again as soon as possible!

Cooking for 10-Slightly overwhelming
Cleaning dishes for 10-Never exciting
Eating one meal at five places: AWESOME!

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  1. That is awesome- I want to do this with my neighbors! I can't wait to see your place!