Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tis' the Season

Having both grown up in Southern California our whole lives, seasons come and go with little to no change, except a rain drop here and there, and a gust of wind that sets everyone awry. However, there is one season that doesn’t come without sincere anticipation from the Parlier household, and that is none other than FOOTBALL Season.
Thanks to college football, Saturdays are no longer about hittin’ the beach and enjoying the outdoors, but waking up and putting your game face on with eagerness to enjoy America’s favorite game. Specifically, Notre Dame Football. Tim’s family, originally from the Midwest, have been Irish fans for generations, so it’s no question where Tim gets his Notre Dame fanfare.
This will be my 5th football season with Tim, each of which I have learned more about not only the sport, but my appreciation for the game, and for a die hard fan. This year however, marks the first football season as Mrs. Parlier, to which I have taken great concern and have been gearing up for quite some time now as I am determined to be a football spectator, not just bandwagon fan. With that, I’m thrilled to say the Irish took the season opener 23-12 over Perdue this past Saturday! It was a fun game to watch, and I am really looking forward to a great season ahead.

For the love of all things football, we did a quick wardrobe change after the game and trekked out to SDSU for their season opener against, Nichol’s State. (It took us til’ the 2nd quarter to figure out where that school even is!) Freshman were flooding the stadium by the bus load, and it was so fun to watch and hear them as they experience their first football game as an Aztec. It brought be back 9 years ago when I did the same thing! I am EXTREMELY honored to report that not only did the Aztecs Win, but they shut them out 47-0! Double whammy!
Although I was a bit “footballed out" come bed time, Saturday was a really exciting day of fun, friends, family and football. If that’s what the season ahead holds, bring it on!

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