Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!!

As a wife, and as a patient of therapy, I am always trying my best to react to situations in a loving and compassionate way, even though my instincts want to lead me down a more selfish path at times. In the past few weeks, I have found myself wavering around a few silly, but very pertinent, questions that have presented themselves in which I have re-directed my responses to those of a caring, selfless, affectionate wifey. :)

WWGWD? What Would a Good Wifey Do?
(…and what did I do)

What do you do when you travel thousands of miles to watch your Husband’s football team lose?
WWGWD: Buy him a beer and volunteer to be the DD.
Mrs. P: He bought he beer, but I still drive him home :)
What do you do, when you book a king size, but the hotel gives you two queens and your husband is 6’3 and sleeps like the Vitruvian man?
WWGWD: Bear through it and risk losing a good night’s sleep or injury being pushed off the bed.
Mrs. P: Heck no! I made it 1 hour and moved to the other bed for a peaceful night with my own covers! Sorry.
How are you supposed to react when your husband’s fantasy team goes “down the drain” in one game and he’s furious?
WWGWD: Say nothing and steer clear
Mrs. P: Ditto!
What do you do when he picks mint chip ice cream and you want cookies n cream?
WWGWD: You eat it anyway and are happy to see he was honest about his choice.
Mrs. P: I figured, at least it was a skinny cow and wasn’t a total waste of Calories!
What would happen if I picked out and washed only MY clothes in the hamper for a week?
WWGWD: a good wifey wouldn’t do such a selfish thing.
Mrs. P: YUP, my clothes are clean, and his aren’t! ha!

As you can see, I still have a little fine tuning to do, but in all fairness, marriage can be a fun game of tug-a-war as long as you always try to give more than you take!  I find it entertaining to chronicle the daily triumphs and tribulations of stretching your mindset from an “I” to a “We”. What are some funny questions you find yourself asking?


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