Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Onward to Notre Dame

Five years ago Tim took his love for the Fighting Irish to the next level, by trekking out to South Bend, Indiana to watch the gold helmets run through the tunnel for the ultimate college football experience. Every year since he has made it a tradition to head East in hopes of a real time victory! Last season, I was the lucky winner who got to attend with him.  I was a bit nervous that my football fanfare, specifically Notre Dame, wasn't up to par to be the "chosen one," but obviously I was stoked! 
Chicago is the gateway city of choice to South Bend from the West Coast, and I must say, I fell in love.  Deep dish pizza that tastes like buttery cheese pie crust, hand crafted beer that will blow your socks off, and the shopping on Michigan Avenue that even the blistering wind and rain couldn't hold me back from.
What's not to love!? Top that off with the traditions and hospitality of UND, and you have yourself a perfect trip.  We cheered through rain (thank goodness they sold ponchos!) and basked in the victory over the University of Washington Huskies.  Having gone to San Diego State, we were robbed of college football tailgating, due to the fact our stadium was off campus, and our team wasn't exactly Mount West's finest. Needless to say, it was an awesome adventure starting with Rudy playing on the bus as we pulled into campus, to the student organizations selling cheap BBQ before the game,  and the high fives and pushups taking over the crowd each time they scored! (check out that video!) A Notre Dame football game is unlike anything else I have experienced!
I'm ecstatic to say we are headed back to Notre Dame this weekend for the matchup against Stanford! This time around we are only spending one day in Chicago before heading straight to South Bend, Indiana so we can explore this small town and soak in all things Notre Dame. Game day, we have high hopes of visiting the College Football Hall of Fame in the am then heading over to campus for a more in depth tour of the historical University and of course, some serious tailgating.  Years past Tim has always traveled with the Luck of the Irish, as every game he's attended has been a victory.  Not to jinx our pot of gold of course, but I hope we win!  GOOOOO IRISH!!!! 

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