Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

While the Cat’s away, the Mice will play!  This past weekend, I found myself sitting at home, alone, two days in a row while my husband was out gallivanting around town doing guy things. Saturday, I stayed in, and did what I never do; Sit on the couch and veg out with the computer in hand. It was nice to do absolutely nothing, but surely wasn’t as fulfilling as so many people make it out to be. I actually went slightly bizerk and vowed to never do that again! Sunday after church I found myself alone once again, as Tim was sitting VIP style at the Charger game.  After a flash of Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone when he realized he “made his family disappear,” I decided to channel my inner Kevin McCallister and take this as an opportunity to do whatever I want!!!  It’s very rare that Tim and I are not together on the weekends, especially Sunday, so I went ahead and did all the things I WANTED to do, without the pressures of getting back home to my husband, fearing that I am boring him to death or rushing because I’m taking to long making decision in the cereal aisle at Ralphs! This day was mine for the taking, and no one could stop me! First stop, one of my favorite places, Bed Bath and Beyond, where I got a total steal of a deal on a wedding gift for my brother and his fiancé Veronica.  Luckily, UTLA, a mega beauty supply store is steps away from BBB, so I hit that up next where I scored again on a few great beauty buys, like their self tanning system that was on sale for $4 each! 
You know how I looovveee self tanners (Tim hates them!), and the real sun is so harsh on your skin, so I’m always in the market for a new products. After reading Larinna's post on I Heart Spandex, I was also scouring the shelves at ULTA for this Garnier Fructose conditioner. No such luck, so naturally, I defaulted to the best place on earth, TARGET. In my previous lifetime, I was a devout Nordstrom shopper, but times have a changed people, and so have my ways! Time and time again, I find it almost impossible to not go to Targe’ and walk out without spending more than expected, hence the reason Tim steers me clear of that place. I haven’t stepped foot in that Mecca of Bargains in over 2 months! With total spending destruction in mind, I had a blast looking at everything from home goods, beauty supplies, clothes, hair products (they didn’t have what I was looking for either), and lastly shoes. Is it weird that I’m obsessed with Target shoes!?   
Season after season they prove to have the cutest shoes for the best prices, and when paired with the right outfit, no one believes me that they aren’t from a high end retailer.   Insert Obsession. I splurged on a pair of boots for $35 and settled on a few boyfriend tees after I was overwhelmed with the rest of the selection of cute clothes. Glad to hear my anxiety is saving me money nowadays, vs spending it! I topped off MY day with a great gym sesh, only to come home to a lovable husband that missed me dearly. I had the perfect day with Yours Truly, but in the end, I missed my best friend while we were apart. For my sanity, and our budget, I hope he doesn’t leave me alone again anytime soon!

PS. The boots are buy one get one 50% off online! Also, I saw very similar boots in the Nordstrom catalog for $205!


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  1. I'm sorry I wasn't here over the weekend to help you tackle Targe'

    Next time Tim gets all bro'd out i'm kidnapping you!

    (thanks for the shoe tip btw... going to now next)