Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays!

With our five month anniversary days away, and yes, I have gleefully celebrated each month, (notice I said I, not we ;) ) Tim and I have finally fallen into a lovely pattern of co-habitating cordially in our new home. Those of you that know me, know that I am extremely particular, and then tremendously meticulous on top of that. Perhaps I have my parents to blame, (aahhheem, Debbie) for my OCD tendencies, but I am getting better each day, all the while grooming my resistant husband to become as finicky as I am ;) Muaaahahhaha (Evil Laugh) I use the word grooming lightly in that it’s more of a force, a nag, an outburst, a battle, a mental breakdown, and a slight temper tantrum all by my doing, but in the end, my house is clean, everything is where it should be, and we live happily ever after in our perfect home. *insert sarcasm here* ha!

With that, it was suggested to me to journal, aka Blog, about all the little things that “Drive me crazy” but at the end of the day ARE NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. I already look back and laugh at some of the “hurtles” we have overcome since our joint occupancy, and although frustrating at the time, I wouldn’t change them for the world. This is by no means is a bash on my husband, but more so funny reflections, that I have learned over the course of sharing them, that the male species in general doesn’t vary much in these tendencies across the board. From putting on pillow cases inside out (seriously!?), Vacuuming but leaving the vacuum cleaner in the hallway with the cord unwound, emptying the trash but never replacing the bag, leaving a pair of shoes in every room every day (I swear he has more than I do!), thinking groceries magically appear in the fridge, and being determined an elf is stealing his socks from the dryer, Tim has exposed me to a whole new side of roommateship. My recent favorite was his concern that three pairs of his jeans disappeared without explanation, only for me to point out that I was washing them for him! Ha! Oddly enough house cleaning, laundry and cooking are three of my favorite hobbies, and I say that with the upmost sincerity. I enjoy being a housewife, and most of the time don’t mind pulling a double day, as they call it when you work your 8, only to come home and work some more! I am fortunate to have a relatively clean and tidy husband that truly appreciates all that I do to keep the house up to MY par. Unfortunately for him, I’m the one with issues, not him! I’m convinced he leaves a small mess here and there just to fuel my restless syndromes and get me fired up. Luckily, my perfectionist tendencies, and my obsessions about our home are just as much of a joking matter as his misunderstanding of what it means to really make the bed. We are still learning SO much about one another and what makes us tick and tock. In the end we are a great two man team that takes turns being Coach and Player in this interesting game call Married Life!



  1. Oh man can I relate to this one! I am OCD extreme when it comes to cleaning the house, tiding the house...laundry...organizing. Just to name a few. ;) Marc and I laugh about it too and it's taken us about 4 years to "work through the kinks"...he now makes the bed better than I do most times! (Makes me proud, to know I taught him so well) haha...oh and his dresser drawers and closet space is all managed by me, just to cure my OCD tendencies. ;) Like you, it makes me happy to do all these things and pull a double. ;)

  2. Haha I especially enjoyed Tim's comment about how his jeans somehow disappeared - yes, into the washer!