Saturday, September 18, 2010

America's Next Top Brodel

When Tim and I were asked by the lovely Jessica Hannon, a San Diego photographer, to be the subject of a stylized shoot, I was more than thrilled to be a part of the fun! Tim and I got married in East North County San Diego, so it wasn't feasible for us to ditch the party and head to the beach for a few epic photos. So when the theme and location were up for discussion, we did just that! Not only did we get to shoot at the beautiful Del Mar beach, but we wrestled around with fun creative themes until we decided on a peacock feather pallet, which was the exact opposite of my ivory and gold wedding.
Jessica even pooled talent for hair and makeup to crank it up a notch.  Dinah Brown, my amazing florist for our wedding took our Peacock theme and ran with it. Her creations were phenomenal and blew us all away. To read more about our photo shoot, check out Jessica's Website here.
One last side note before we get on to Jessica's talented portraits.

While trompsing around Vegas wearing white and a veil at my bachelorette, I was asked if I was a Bride or a Model (why? I have NO CLUE.), and naturally I replied, BOTH! Stemmed one of my favorite words, Brodel. ;) All joking aside, my short lived modeling career was no walk in the park  as I prepared for my brodeling debut!  It was more like a Bride's WORST nightmare.  It had only been three months since our nuptials in April, and as I mentioned in my previous post, no dessert has gone left unturned, and no Italian cuisine went foreign on these lips during our travels in Europe. My concern for fitting into my dress was the cause of many restless nights, extra miles on the treadmill, and tears of fear as we headed into the final week before the shoot. As the days drew closer, and the details were coming together, one thing that wasn't inching in, was my wedding dress. Point blank, it out right DID NOT FIT ME. Not only did it not zip, but it ripped after I forced my beloved husband to yank it up and make it clasp. HA! A bride that doesn't fit into her dress, doesn't get worse than that, oh but it did.  Wednesday before our Sunday photo shoot, I had to get an emergency surgery on my right gum for an ongoing infection I just couldn't shake.  It was more invasive than intended and I had a swollen chipmunk cheek going into the weekend.  I would be lying if I didn't disclose that I had a complete mental and physical breakdown on saturday night. Is it possible to be BRIDEZILLA even if your already married?! Ummm…yes! Thanks to the calming words of sweet Jessica and my loving husband, I upped my own ante and made the best of the situation. I did what this Bride does best, DIY. Ribbon, tweezers, a careful eye and an icepack on my cheek remedied the situation and my button down dress was a beautiful corsette back, but most importantly, a dress that fit! Our pictures turned out beautiful despite my swollen cheeky, and we had a blast spending the day with Jess and Jay. We even got a few yummy cupcakes when all was said and done!
A BIG thank you to Jessica Hannon for asking us to be a part of such a fun day, and to my wonderful husband for his love and support in something he knew was important to me. 
Now on to the photos!  Here are a few of my faves, but check out the rest here! 


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  1. ahhh!! Can you believe after all my peacock madness in my wedding, I am still obsessed with them!? How very fun to do a shoot completely different from your own wedding...simply beautiful!