Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays

Today marks the first installment of “Lifey as a Wifey" Wednesdays! I’ve decided to cure my mid-workweek blues by writing about a subject that is new and exciting to me: BEING A WIFE! Lucky for me, this new title comes with a handsome, sweet, and loving husband that, so far, has made my Lifey as a Wifey Saaawwwweeettt! ;) So my first post as a wife is a Standing ovation, Round of applause, High clap and Fist pump to my AWESOME husband,Tim. You don’t have to ask my mother to know that I can be a handful, and Tim has held on tight and close through my rollercoaster of emotions these past few months…or maybe years ;) I don’t ever want him to feel under appreciated or have the sweet things he does go unnoticed, so I try my best to express my thankfulness and count my blessings. We hung a white board in the kitchen last week, and after it hung blank for a day, I decided to start a new practice. Across the top I wrote, “I love my husband because he cooked me dinner.” Obviously I love Tim for many more reasons, but I felt it was a lovable gesture that he cooked for us that night. Later he saw what I wrote and had a big grin on his face. Since that night, I fill in the blank when the opportunity presents itself. I’m happy to say that my cup runneth over with gestures to be thankful for! Just a few from this past week: “I love my husband because he brought me Peonies (my fave!)….he did the dishes…..put together my new computer desk while I was at work….bought us a new book shelf.” Perhaps these little notes are more for me than for Tim, but updating the board has become my favorite part of the day. Behind every great Wife, there should be a caring, giving and loving Husband and I am so blessed to have Tim fit the bill. ;)

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  1. You are just TOO cute!!! I LOVE blog!! Makes me EVEN more anxious to get married. As if the anticipation isn't already killing me! :o)