Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freshman 15

Love is Sweet!
photo by Kacey Luvi
We’ve all heard the rumors, and hoped they wouldn’t come true….but it’s inevitable that newlyweds have a long running history of packin’ on a few extra lbs now that they’ve sealed the deal for “Happily Ever After.” Unfortunately, I have finally fallen victim to the freshman 15 of our first year of marriage, and it’s only been four months! According to studies, I am predicted to possibly gain 15-30 lbs over the next few years! OUCH! (read here!) Staying in bed until the last minute, late night ice cream dates on the couch, trips across the world eating blocks of cheese and pints of beer, and a fresh tapped keg within an arms reach to name a few of our downfalls. Over the years, both Tim and I put serious emphasis on maintaining our beach ready physiques, all of which is now two sheets to the wind! We have overindulged, gone back for thirds (notice I didn’t I say seconds), had an extra scoop, and took one for road any chance we got. It’s been fun stuffing our faces in the name of love and it’s been something we have both wanted to do for years now. BUT, it’s time for this Gluttony to end! Perhaps the June gloom that has taken over our entire summer is to blame as an excuse to not get into a bikini at the drop of dime, but the weather is a changin’ and I refuse to not change with it! I’ve never been one to not be happy in my skin…but I’m watching that slip ever so quickly, so it’s time to get a move on to ensure I can take full advantage of the beach days ahead without feeling the need to lather in spray tan and hide under an umbrella. I’ve decided (Tim claims these are my infamous words) to commit to being active for AT LEAST 30 mins each day. If you know me, I am a gym rat, and my usual goal is 60-90 mins 5-6 days a week…but let’s not rush into things just yet! I still plan to keep my work out regiment, but want to enhance it with consistency. My 30 minutes of activity could be running sprint intervals like the NY Jets til’ I puke, or it could be a nice walk with Tim on the beach. Both of which have their appeal, but regardless of the caloric burn, I am moving in the right direction. I’m going to Call it 30 for 30. Thirty minutes a day for 30 days…and I will see where I am at. I know enough to know that 30 mins a day isn’t going to take me be from Drab to Fab, but paired with sensible eating (maybe just seconds, not thirds) I think it will get me pumped up to get back on track, while still being relaxed and having fun indulging. The truth of the matter is this, I am not single, and I am not competing (Bodybuilding) anytime soon, so why not have an extra scoop and feel good about it? I am on a mission to find a happy balance between Queen of the Beach and “Fat and Happy.” :)
Now if you will excuse me, someone brought Donuts to work today and they are calling my name ;)


  1. You go girl! I think you look great, but I say if your gonna pack on any weight it might as well be through eating BLOCKS of cheese and drinking good beer in Europe :D

    btw, if you want to keep this subscriber no more references to the NY Jets please. pre-season just started and I bleed black & gold ;)

  2. I only mentioned them because Tim is making me watch Hard Knocks on HBO!
    I Bleed Red and Black! GO AZTECS!!!! hahahah

  3. I just love your posts!!! p.s. Marc and I watched Hard Knocks last night - I thought about you and Tim the whole was actually entertaining, but Marc kept butting in and telling me the history on every player and coach...Wah wah wah! ;) I love your 30 for 30 - I think I will join you in that goal since being married is going to my Body Pump class every week - which I've kept, however those other days "I swear" I'm going to the gym, hasn't really happened...but I think this 30 for 30 is an awesome idea!