Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Casa de Cargo Enchiladas

I have been inspired by Jess and Amber to do a little cross blogging today ;) Here is a very simple recipe from my Dad that I prepare quite frequently at Casa de Parlier. I'm hoping to post it on Friends & Foodies Forever~A clever blog started by Stephanie and Jess to keep in touch and share yummy eats!

Casa de Cargo Enchiladas
*makes about 10*

1 package of ground turkey (or beef)
1 large pack of Mexican shredded cheese
1 small can CHOPPED black olives
1 bundle of green chives
1 pack of white mushrooms (you can buy them chopped or sliced too)
1 large can of enchilada sauce. (I like Las Palmas Medium)
1 pack of flour (or wheat) tortillas
Preheat oven to 325

Cook meet over the stove until 100% cooked. I sprinkle in a little Lawry’s Seasoning Salt for some extra flavor on the turkey-especially if I get the extra lean.
Chop up the mushrooms and chives and put in separate bowls.

Create an assembly line of all your ingredients. -Tortillas, cheese, olives, chives, mushrooms, meat, sauce (put in bowl with spoon or just in can with spoon.) If you are using beef, you might want to drain the meet and put it in separate bowl. Beef is much more juicy than turkey! On a separate plate take a tortilla and spread sauce on it like a pizza. Not too much, but just enough to get it moist and cover the inside. Load it up with all the ingredients, but no too much, so you can roll it back up. In order of most to least, I usually put meat, cheese, mushrooms, chives and olives. Roll it up taquito style and place in a rectangular Pyrex dish (sprayed with PAM). I put the folded side down so it stays closed. Once they are all packed in a row, I pour the extra sauce over all the enchiladas, especially the edges and in between each so they cook nicely. Then I douse more cheese over them (lots!) and finish off by sprinkling the chopped olives here and there.
Since the meat is cooked, the “cooking” part is really more of a warming/melting of the cheese. My oven sucks, so it can take over 20 mins. But I just keep my eye on it. I don’t like the tortillas crunchy, so I keep my eye on that too! I also reheat some sauce for dipping in case you want to wet your whistle more than what’s already on there. ;) Tim adds Tapitio too!
To make these enchiladas figure friendly, I always use extra lean turkey meat, low fat cheese, and whole wheat tortillas.
Any left over mix ins are great over pasta, or add lots of cheese and melt it into a tortilla chip dip! YUM!