Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ultimate Case of the Mondays!

I’m finally back in the western hemisphere, but unfortunately, also back at work! Tim and I had an AMAZING trip and I cannot wait to share the details of our adventures in Europe. As expected, it was more intense than we could have imagined seeing that we were not only traveling through 2 countries with a dozen of our friends, but also attending the Wedding of the century, along with the several preceding events to the Big Day. Eight flights, five train rides, and countless cobble stone gallivants we returned home in one piece, more in love, even better friends, and surprisingly not as broke as we anticipated! I’m hoping to share my adventures one city at a time over the next few days/week…as well as share what you really care about; THE PICS! Until then, hang tight while I attempt to catch up from this jet lag/culture shock I am enduring on this dreaded Monday.


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