Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ultimate Tap Out

Saturday was a sad, yet accomplishing day at the Parlier household. We officially tapped our first Keg in the Kegerator. Tim was Djing in the guest room while I did my usual weekly house cleaning. As I have mentioned to some, having a resident DJ pumping techno beats through your house while you clean is awesome….especially when paired with a fresh cold beer from the kegerator (compliments of Tim’s groomsmen). I went for a post beach/pre-dinner brew, and to my dismay, I poured the last and final glass of the yummy Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale we had been sapping on for the last 2+ months. I ran into the other room with a look of shock, sadness, and a funny grin to tell Tim of the tragedy, and being the good wifey that I am, handed the foamy glass to my husband to enjoy the last drop. ;)
We both agreed, that although disappointing that it’s gone, it’s a blessing in disguise because our beer bellies were growing as fast as our love for this delicious pale ale! I think we might let the Keg sit empty till we recover a bit from our trip and drop a few lbs. Football season is around the corner, so I’m sure it won’t be empty for long! Any suggestions on yummy brews?


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  1. How nice that you gave the last drink to your hubby! =) As for suggestions... my first beer post pregnancy was a Honey Moon Summer Ale, and was Delish. I am sure that Russ would suggest a Bud Light ;)