Friday, August 13, 2010

"Lifey as a Wifey"....Friday!

There are several lessons you learn when you exchange your “I” for a “We” at the alter, but one that tends to surface the most is sacrifice. I have to admit, Tim seems to be winning in this department as he has shown he would do anything for us and my happiness, but I am definitely working on it! I think we both would admit that we are finding ourselves doing (or not doing) things we normally wouldn’t, all in the name of love. And through it, we are bonding, and experiencing new things as a married couple. Although petty, one thing that completely blew my mind recently was Tim’s willingness to watch the Bachelorette with me every Monday night! I’ve never watched one of these series before (clearly either did he), but we were both hooked come the season finale. I could tell Tim enjoyed the fact that I was THRILLED he would even sit in the room while I watched it, let alone follow it and debrief after each episode. It really made me Very Happy! ;) So here we are, final episode, Alli and Roberto live happily ever after and the fun is over. I turned to Tim and said, “Now that its over we have no TV shows to watch together!” (We have VERY opposing views on what's entertaining.) I should have known there were strings attached to his appeal for the Bachelorette! He then says, “Since I watched the Bachelorette, You get to watch Hard Knocks: The NY Jets Training Camp with me!” waahhhhh wahhh.

Well, this week was the first episode, and I must admit that I enjoyed it very much! Minus the foul language, it’s very entertaining and I have already learned a lot about America’s favorite game. You could say I hung up my heels for cleats, but happily so, because I know it brings joy to my husband for me to sit with him during all things football. After all, the season is just weeks away, so this is my training camp as much as it is for the Jets! Sacrifice is always worth it, especially when you reap the benefits. Besides, watching the top athletes in the world run around shirtless in spandex pants is hardly sacrifice ;)
Nick Mangold

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