Monday, October 25, 2010


Just a quick heart to heart introduction before this officially goes global (ha!), but I have been working for months putting together a new concept for a Blog. Throwing around several ideas, trashing even more, and finally amidst a baking sesh (protein brownies, people!), it hit me that I have a great passion and desire for health and fitness that I want to share with the world! I have teamed up with one of my besties, Victoria, in a new lifestyle blog about fitness, food, and most of all fun! We’ve spent a lot of time researching, brainstorming, and literally building a website from almost the ground up. I am SOO excited to get this Blog rolling in hopes to make fitness fun, and encourage women to live a healthy and happy lifestyle! I am so thankful for everyone that reads FOREVER BEGINS (even those anonymous readers- I see the stats..hehehe), as the success of this blog has encouraged me to move forward with my new site. I would love for you to check it out, put us in your RSS feed, and share it with anyone you think would be interested! And of course, comment and get involved, as we are hoping to make it an interactive blog. Don't worry, now that we are up and running, I'm hoping to better manage both Blogs, so I'm not ditching this one ;) So without further ado…..I introduce to you....


Click on Pic :)


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