Thursday, October 21, 2010

Merge, Purge, and Splurge!

The three words that keep me up at night! What can I get rid of to make this look better? How can I combine what I have with what Tim has to make this more functional? And what can I purchase to replace what I ditched? It’s a nasty cycle, that so many of us looovvveee to run. Tim would be the first to point out my irrational merge, purge, splurge tendencies, which coincide with my spontaneous purchases followed by an abrupt return a few days later. I guess you can say I act quickly, and think about it later, but unfortunately that’s not without costing me frustration and usually come cash. Wahhhh wahhhh. Who knows if I will ever find the perfect balance, which I refuse to admit is as easy as “just don’t buy anything” like my lucid husband suggests. The truth is everyone that has access to reading this blog has more than we need to survive. Our needs are moreso wants, and our wants are never ending. I’m not here to preach on how gluttonous and over privileged we are, because I don’t believe it’s entirely our fault. We were born into this world we live. I am however proposing a challenge to myself, specifically in the merge and purge departments. I have way too many clothes, yet nothing to wear. I came home after church last night, and decided I needed to purge. I have clothes that are better off on somebody’s back that needs them, than in my closet becoming outdated fashion trends. I sorted and sifted through a closet, a dresser, a wardrobe stand, and under the bed storage and just started yanking things off the rack and into a pile.
This will be the 5th time I have done this in 2010. and sadly, I still have too much crap! But this time, Im REALLY letting go! With the weather, time commitment, and heartbreak of watching my prized possessions sell for pennies, I have decided that a garage sale is just not worth it. So, after some thought and research, I have decided to give my goods to a local thrift store that is actually owned and operated by our previous church, the ROCKI’m really excited to bring them my large bags of clothes knowing that they will be benefiting the community, and the church, with the probability of blessing someone with items they otherwise wouldn’t have. My hopes are to NOT respond to my purge with a splurge, but rather, a small merge to make more room in a our humble abode…NOT for more stuff! I promise!!! I already feel great about my decision and somewhat cleansed of unwanted items. I highly recommend taking a look around and seeing what you can honestly live without. I’m hoping to really make strides with my new outlook. If anything, I see it as fewer things to clean and possibly pack and move later!

When was the last time you purged and what did you do with your freight?



  1. If there was a like button I would push it! You are right, everyone especially the ladies have this problem! ;) This may sound odd, but my hubby has just about the same amount of clothes than I have...and it's so hard to get him to purge!! However, our deal is, if he buys something new he has to let go of something's worked quite well. He's a real big stickler to giving it to someone he knows and Russ always reeps his awesome clothes! For me, I like giving my clothes to the girls at work...we actually all do it! It's fun to see your clothes on someone else!

  2. I am always pitching stuff because I hate clutter. I usually donate it to the Union Rescue Mission since they pick it up right at my doorstep. :) It never fails though, that there's always something I'm hunting for that I pitched a while back. But really, what good would that shirt have done sitting in my closet for another year and a half until one day I decided I wanted to wear it? Then I would have probably just put it on and thought "this shirt is not as cute as I remembered it"! So pitch it!!!