Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fabulous Fabians!

 As many of you know, Tim and I were linked up to an amazing mentor couple, Tom & Judy, through our premarital program at church. Over the past year we have extended our relationship with them beyond the program and have grown to be more like extended family. Just about a year ago, their daughter Stephanie got engaged and so the wedding preparation began for another creative Bride with the ultimate party planner as the MOB (mother of the bride!). We gathered the troops and met for crafting nights where we helped construct everything from the invitations, menus, centerpiece vases, petal cones and every perfect detail you could imagine for this whimsical carnival themed backyard wedding. The result was one of the most intimate, beautiful, inspired and heartfelt weddings I have ever witnessed. Every aspect was perfectly orchestrated and creatively collected with the help of family and friends. Daniel Leopold of Dani’s Details made all the stationary, which was to DIE for, and I’m still obsessed!  And dont even get me started on the flowers as they were magnificent too!  I’m so bummed I didn’t get a chance to whip out my own camera, but here are a few pics I snaked from a fellow onlooker. Congrats to Stephanie and Brent as they start their Forever together!
One of the adorable flower girls
Cocktail Hour

The tempting beverage list

DIY pohoto Booth. So fun and creative!

A close up of the flowers before they went on the tables.

She used doors and chalkboards for her seating chart!

Hardly looked like a backyard once everything was up. AHH.MAAZ.ING.

The menus hand wrapped in lace for a soft touch...LOVE. IT.

The bar

The adorable table setting complete with hand made coasters as favors!
(Amber look!)

The Dessert Table! YUM-O.

The yummy dessert menu. Yes, I tried them all.

The Super Hot Bartendeer that let me take a pic with him! ha!

Even the Bathroom was perfect!
A few highlights I don’t have a pic of yet:
  • THE BRIDE AND GROOM! I promise, they were there and they looked fabulous!
  • The DIY refurbished ice-cream cart! Gahhhh this was spectacular! You can kind of see its in the backyard photo above in the far left!
  • The hot beverage station with homemade Irish Cream and Baileys.
  • The list goes on as the details were everywhere!
I’m expecting their wedding to pop up on SMP or something equivalent because it was beautiful!
Congrats again to Stephanie and Brent!




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  1. allison,
    such a great blog! i love your were such a blessing, adding your touch to all the details.
    thanks for the lovely compliments on my design work. such a joy to meet you.
    danielle leopold